Loving you is the most extraordinary thing I can do, loving anyone
besides myself makes me more than happy too
And so I wonder, what’s left for me to bring? What’s in here for me to share?

All my dreams, all my fears, all my thoughts, all of my screw-ups
All my days, all my nights, all the things that I cannot even see
All my words, all the hard work, all my loving, all what I can be
All my laughs, all my tears, all I am, all I’m not is for you exclusively

Knowing you is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, knowing anyone
besides myself makes me feel complete, a sense of whole
And so I wonder, what’s left for me to see? What’s in here to be revealed?

All your plans, all your colors, all your sides, all of your screw-ups
All your art, all your friends, all the new songs that we could sing
All your toys, all the crazy fun, all your caring, all what you can be
All your laughs, all your tears, all you are, all you’re not is for me exclusively

Want to know you like I know the color of the sky on a Sunday morning
Want to taste your lips of honey every day of our busy and hard week
Want to save those precious moments that we’ve shared, seeing into our eyes
the truth the heart’s been looking for in a while… given to us exclusively.




One thought on “Exclusively

  1. Every single thing that I am is exclusively for us, every day and every night are exclusively for us…

    All feelings and fears, all the things that i never be and all the words i´ll never say are yours exclusively, open your eyes and see the whole world around you…yes, it´s me, cuz mine and yours is this place named heart exclusively…

    Thanks for sharing moments, feelings and fears, thanks for sharing your lips and your tears, this heart beats faster for you, beats cuz it wants to beat just for you, u´re the love of my life warm and safe as i want, and baby my heart is your home and u´ll never leave this pleace….this warm heart is for you… this crazy mind is for u too, this big world, my world is for you too… exclusively….



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