Can you hear me?
I’ve got a lot of things to tell you

Inside my heart
I’m feeling something’s wrong with me
And I know
I know I’m getting in trouble
But for now, I guess I’ll go along my way

Are you ready?
Ready for it all
Maybe I’m not ready
Cause maybe I can’t see
And I believe in Jesus,
Does Jesus believe in me?

Can you touch me?
Cause I’m feeling very empty

Inside my head
The worst goes ’round and ’round
But I know, I know my day is coming
But for now
I got a long way to go

Are you ready? Ready for it all
And maybe I’m not ready
Cause maybe I can’t see
That I believe in Jesus,
Does Jesus believe in me?

You seem so cold
You seem so uninvited
I guess you know
Everything that you’re doing
Can you believe everything that I’m saying?

I don’t know
I don’t know
I don’t know
What you see in me?

… I’m not strong, I’m sorry …


Sweet Piece Of Work (Orchid)

As the sweet and melancholic guitar started to play, my heart started to cry…
And I don’t know exactly why, but I can totally relate with these verses… All of them… ALL.

Flavors Of Entanglement

me and my helmet
such an unconventional kid 
all intense and kinetic 
at best tolerated from afar

not yet arrested
and by that I mean betrothed
though at start i am duly courted
i’ve just not been trusted with altars

i’m a sweet piece of work 
well intentioned yet disturbed
wrongly labeled and underfed
treated like a rose as an orchid

my friends as they weigh in
get understandably protective
they have a hard time being objective
so inside, we cancel each other out

i’m a sweet piece of work
well intentioned and unnerved
enabled and misunderstood
treated like a rose as an orchid

you’ve brought water to me
making sure my bloom rebounds
you know best of what my special care allows
so i’ve lived in my blind spot
thought myself usual when i’m not 
in your garden is a nice spot
as long as it is brave and where you are

for this sweet piece of work 
high maintenance and deserted
i’ve been different and deserving
treated like a rose as an orchid

sweet piece of work
overwhelmed unobserved 
i’ve been bowed down to but so misread

treated like a rose as an orchid

Watch the clip… it’s just the song! Listen to the beautiful melody… Definetly one of my Alanis’ personal favorites!!!

… someday i promised you an orchid, and i will plant it for you …

Love Me

Wake up and see through your window, there’s sunshine waiting for you
Take a shower, take a breath and look at the sky so beautiful and blue
Make your breakfast, your pancakes are sweet and have a smiley face
Take take it slow as you go to work and drive safely cuz it ain’t a race

Put all of your energy in your conquests and queries
Stop and think for just a minute, embrace your blessings
Go back home and dine with your mommy and daddy
Have a glass of wine afterwards and enjoy the evening

Watch a stupid-silly game show or maybe a funny movie
Life can be taken so light, so freshy, so cool, so groovy
Catch a llullaby, listen to the melody of the night
Go to sleep, have sweet dreams and Love Me…
(I’ll be right there in the morning to write you a new song)

I’m SO in Luv!

Heart-Breaking Verses (From Heart-Breaking Songs)

“I woke up and called this morning, the tone of your voice was a warning
that you don’t care for me anymore …”
S.Crow (My Favorite Mistake)

“… For denying myself  to somehow make us compatible
For trying to fit a rectangle into a hole …” –
A.Morissette (Sorry 2 Myself)

“… Sometimes I’m broke and can’t get fixed …” – S.Tyler (Hole In My Soul)

“… When I was looking with calm affection
You were searching out my imperfections … ” –
F.Apple (Oh Well)

“… It’s a hell of a long way home, why don’t you let me take you?
It’s no good to go alone …” –
S.McLachlan (Good Enough)

“… I’m not like the other ones, I can’t take it like the other ones;
I won’t share it like the other ones that you used to know …” –
S.Manson (You Look So Fine)

“… I’m sure I’m not being rude, but it’s just your attitude
It’s tearing me apart, it’s ruining everything … ” –
D.O’Riordan (Linger)

“… Don’t let me down, it’s not fair how you are; I can’t be complete, can you give me more?
And all I know is you’ve got to give everything, nothing less ’cause you know I give you all of me …” –
G.Stefani (4 In The Morning)

“… I wish I could touch you again, I wish I could still call you my friend
I’d give anything … ” –
A.Moore (Who Knew)

“… Some people want it all, but I don’t want nothing at all
If it ain’t you baby, if I ain’t got you baby … ” –
A.Keys (If I Ain’t Got You)

“… And I must confess that I’m usually drowned to sadness, and loneliness has never been a stranger to me
And I must confess instead of spring it’s always winter, and my heart has always been a lonely hunter …” –
M.Ciccone (Love Tried To Welcome Me)

“… So I guess the fortune teller’s right … ” – N.Imbruglia (Torn)

“… I don’t want to get hurt, I’ve done my time; all I want from you, is to tell the truth
I don’t want to get hurt, no more this time; I don’t want to o blind and find I’m falling apart all the time …” –
M.Frederikson (I Don’t Want To Get Hurt)

“… Well in case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see, this is my heart bleeding before you, this is me down on my kness;
these foolish games are tearing me apart and your thoughtless words are breaking my heart… You’re breaking my heart …” –
J.Kilcher (Foolish Games)

“… Maybe I’m not your perfect kind, maybe I’m not what you had in mind
Baby, u’re just killing time? …” –
S.Crow (Anything But Down)

“… You knew you needed more time, time spent alone with no distraction;
 you felt you needed to fly solo and high to define what you wanted …” –
A.Morissette (That Particular Time)

“… Love has made me a fool, unable to speak except to cry out and wait for your answer in this desert without you …” – S.McLachlan (Stupid)

“… Have we changed our hopes for fears and our dreams for plans?
Can you tell me how it used to be when we really cared?
When love was on our side …” –
S.Mebarak (Dreams For Plans)

“… And if it gets too late for me to wait, for you to find you love me and tell me so,
It’s okay, don’t need to say it …”
F. Apple (I Know)

“… Hope it isn’t too late to say I LOVE YOU
Hope it isn’t too late to say that without you this place looks like London, it rains everyday…
Don’t you know it babe, I’m only half a body? Without you embrace … “

No matter how deep and hurtful is this pain,

2G4E… Dios permita!

And That Is Why

I tried to reach you on the phone and there was no answer
Just when I finally made it, the tone of your voice was cold
I must say that this is not the first time you do that
It just pisses me off, it makes me wonder why do I still keep up?

I’ve been running around in circles getting nowhere at all
Not getting sleep, not beeing able to rest, not thinking ok
I have so many fears, increased by all those things you do
Increased by all those little things you forget to do…

If patience is what it takes to make you care again, I’ll have it
If I have to put up with your coldness my friend, I’ll do it
If what you need is more love from me, please hurry and tell me
If to be by yourself is what you want now, I’ll understand and leave

Why? Why is this getting so hard for both of us?
You get angry too whenever I act like you often do
You get as jeaelous as I get for no reason at all too
You’ve asked for trust and I’ve surely gave it to you
But now that I’m in need, you pretend I do not exist
Actions speak louder than words
And I need those to hold on
And that is why I wrote this song…

I hope you don’t forget what WE HAVE and what we have planned!
I need you, cuz I feel like I’m going to die
I desperately need your hug, your kiss, your attention and your love!


A Song For My Heart

Jamás pensé estar donde ahora estamos… en medio de tormentas, rayos y fuego.
Hoy mi corazón se ha hecho chiquito, pues pensar en perder tu amor hace que mi vida se reduzca a la miseria.
Pensé que al decirte que tengo miedo de perderte, responderías que también tienes miedo de perderme… Tristemente escuché de ti que el miedo es mutuo, pero jamás creí que me dijeras que probablemente ya te perdí.
Lucharé hasta sangrar, hasta quedar sin vida si es necesario; pondré una vez más mi confianza en DIOS – que fue quien te trajo – y si está de Su Mano el separarnos y el que EL SUEÑO no se haga realidad, aceptaré llorando… Una vida entera no me alcanzará para preguntarle “¿POR QUÉ? ¿Por qué te alejó de mi lado?”
Vi las nubes desde mi ventana, el cielo estaba más gris que de costumbre, estabamos llorando juntos… Canté al cielo, le pedí por ti amor… Ni una señal de las siete que pedí se asomó por esa ventana… Ninguna… Ni la de DIOS, ni la de tu amor… Los dos se quedaron en silencio hasta este momento.
Repetí esta canción, que es de amor aunque no lo parezca… La canté junto con ella, mi compañera – aunque ella no lo sepa – y lloré… Sigo llorando desconsolado.
Prometí no escucharla de nuevo, pues cruel siempre me pareció – el dolor de una pérdida tan grande como lo es EL AMOR DE TU VIDA es quizás peor que el mismo infierno – y pensé que jamás sucedería lo que dice… Hoy, en esta tarde tan pinche fría y con la obscuridad ya cayendo sobre el día, sigo cantando, esperando así un milagro… Ese milagro, esa señal tuya y de Dios… que me diga que no estoy equivocado, que mi corazón te pertenece, que me pertenece el tuyo, que la simpleza de estar juntos es mayor que el dolor que causaría el dejarnos ir.
No te quiero perder, por nada del mundo… Daría mi vida entera, todo mi cuerpo, lo poco que tengo, lo poco que soy… Daría este corazón lleno de amor por ti y sólo por ti con tal de verte feliz… Verte feliz como ayer a mi lado.


You’ve been my golden BEST FRIEND
now with post-demise at hand
I can’t go to you for consolation
’cause we’re off limits during this transition
This greif overwhelms me
it burns in my stomach
And I can’t stop bumping into things

I thought we’d be simple together
I thought we’d be happy together
Thought we’d be limitless togehter

You’ve been my soulmate and then some
I remembered you the moment I met you
With you I knew God’s face was handsome
With you I saw fun and expansion
This loss is numbing me
it pierces my chest
And I can’t stop dropping everything

I thought we’d be sexy together
Thought we’d be evolving togehter
I thought we’d have childern togehter
I thought we’d be a family togehter

If I had a bill for all the philosophies I shared
If I had a penny for all the possibilities I presented
If I had a dime for every arm thrown up in the air
my wealth would render this no less severe

I thought we’d be genious togehter
I thought we’d be healing together
I thought we’d be growing together
Thought we’d be adventurous togehter
Thought we’d be exploring togehter
Thought we’d be inspired together
I thought we’d be flying togehter
Thought we’d be on fire together

Why’s It So Hard?

Here’s a song, very suitable for the time I’m living in right now…

I’m fighting for acceptance, because I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong…
I’m stuggling with my family, ’cause they don’t see me as a normal human being…
I’m dealing with myself, to prove everyone wrong about their stupid perception and hopefully someday I’ll be treated equaly, just like the rest of the ordinary people I know…

Why’s it so hard? 

Why’s it so hard to love one another
Why’s it so hard to love

What do I have to do to be accepted
What do I have to say
What do I have to do to be respected
How do I have to play
What do I have to look like to feel I’m equal
Where do I have to go
What club do I have to join to prove I’m worthy
Who do I have to know

I’m telling you brothers, sisters
Why can’t we learn to challenge the system
Without living in hate
Brothers, sisters
Why can’t we learn to accept that we’re different
Before it’s too late
Why’s it so damn hard

What do I have to learn to know what’s right for me
What do I have to know
What am I going to do when I feel righteous
Where do I have to go
Who should get to say what I believe in
Who should have the right
What am I going to do with all this anger
Why do I have to fight

I’m telling you brothers, sisters
Why can’t we learn to challenge the system
Without living in hate
Brothers, sisters
Why can’t we learn to accept that we’re different
Before it’s too late
Why’s it so damn hard

Bring your love, sing your love
Wear your love, share your love

Brothers, sisters, what do I have to say?
Brothers, sisters, how do I have to play?
Brothers, sisters, who should have the right?
Brothers, sisters, why do I have to fight?

Why’s it so hard to love one another
Love your sister, love your brother

Why’s it so hard to love one another
Why’s it so hard to love?

Sing your love
When you love
Share your love

Love your brother now
Show your sister how
Love your brother now
Show your sister how

…Why is it so hard … TO LOVE?

PS: for all those who have to fight the fucking system, who aren’t accepted for who they are or who they love, I’m telling you now: There’s no reason to fight anymore, pain is a warining that something’s wrong and if the people who supposedly love you doesn’t seem to understand that you are diffrent… Keep loving them and draw a line… Never let ’em traspass it… It’s your life anyway… The only one you’ll ever have!

Thanx M.C. for that wonderful & revealing song!