Cocktail Of Love

This serves 2

What you’ll need:

2            Beating Hearts (two boys, two girls, a boy & a girl… it doesn’t really matter!)
3            Little words (to make it all better!)
1            Huge Bag of Dreams
2            Boxes of Promises
1000     Sweet Kisses (on the lips, on the cheeks, on the forehead…)
1 ton      Hugs
1            Handfull of Roses (preferently White)
              Trust (as much as you can get… It certainly will help you through it!)
              A little bit of jealous
1            Good Morning Cell phone message
1            Good Night Cell phone message
              Lots of midnight calls (just to say I LOVE YOU)
              A tiny bit of arguments (if U miss ’em, U won’t ever find the real meaning of it all)
1           Mixed CD (with all your favorite songs – dedicate them ALWAYS!)
1            Camera (to capture every single moment of the process!)

What you’ll do:

Put togehter the two Beating Hearts, add every Dream and Promise – Never let down, it might cost you forever!
One by one, add the Kisses and the Hugs, they’re never enough, if you need more, just go get ’em- or steal them!
Gently stir all of the Tust and the Jealous, never mix them (just as the really good Martinis!). If you know how to balance them, you’ll see that such a combination is not that bad!
Every 12 hours (minimum) send a Cell phone Mesaage, you’ll get for sure the best of anwers! And, if possible, go crazy with some Midnight Calls – Believe me, they’re unexpected and the best!
The Arguments are not as pleasent as you might think, but if you add some of them every once ina while, you’ll see that the point of it is To Heal! Do not make a big deal, if you’re mad at something, just TALK! (PLEASE DO NOT BREAK UP ON THE PHONE OR BY E MAIL, YOU’LL REGRET IT THE RES OF YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL BE BREAKING ONE OF THE HEARTS! TRUST ME, I’VE BEEN THERE!)
The Mixed Cd fits perfectly after that, not only because it will definetly remind you of how much love you have, it will make you remember every single detail and recosider if you’ve had any mistakes along the way – Mistakes… NORMAL!!!
Once your cocktail is done, take pictures of it! Not one… Thousands of them! So that every time you try to prepare this recepie and drink it, you’ll have captured not only the essence of the moment, but every single detail of it!
Finally,  top it with those Three Little Words (I LOVE YOU!) and serve it always HOT, preferently under the moonlight, staring at the stars wearing a Red Jacket!

Remember not to handle with care, it might get biter… even worse, you might get brokenhearted and lonely again!

Have a nice “drink”!
Enjoy it and Love it!

—> This recepie is inspired by YOU!